Monday, November 18, 2013


  How could I resist this true classic?! The look just begged to be included in my Samhain Collection, in all of it´s black-and-whiteness. So here it is, my version of the good old French artist look (with a couple of twists of my own of course =):

Stiped shirt, black pants and a beret. But the shirt is grey(not black)-and-white and has kimono sleeves, and the pants are made of thick fleece to keep me warm in this cold weather, and I´m having fun with the jewellery. I want life to be playful, not too serious, and I try to shine that spirit around me. What´s better than being surrounded by a positive bubble?
The design. I always exaggerate when drawing the makeup, so I´ll later understand what I was going for. I´d never put this much red on my face for real...
The shirt is also made of super warm knit fabric, so I need not wear anything else under it. Simplicity is bliss.

The jewellery is so delicious that, I can´t help telling I got it from here. A small shop of four women, who make these by hand.
Makeup repeats the black-and-white theme. Grey eyeshadow is the main focus, but it is enlivened up by a hint of bright red blush and a touch of red lipstick. Thin layers are enough for daytime wear, and are easier to maintain through the day.

  Sadly these pictures were not taken in France itself, but in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I took a short trip there with my awesome friends recently. Great shopping (although I mainly bought loads and loads of puffed rice cereal to bring back home to my son, who loves them. For some reason the cereal is not available here... =( , beautiful Old Town, and friendly people. I tasted some hand-made chocolate coated marshmallows there in a small bakery shop, and was in heaven! Definitely worth going back for.
  Go Sweden!

  Speaking of France, aren´t they just pretty much the most stylish people on Earth? To be honest, I´ve never been to France, but the French people (women)  I´ve met, all have oozed this femininity, confidence, and delicacy to them. Hopefully one day I´ll have the chance to go visit there.
  Go France too!

P.S. Thank you, Manna, for taking these pics!


  1. Näytät upealta! Tukholma näyttää ihanalta kuten aina :) Tanja

  2. Kiitos kohteliaisuudesta! Erästä kyllä kaivattiin... =)