Saturday, June 30, 2012


  Three months ago I was in a place where I had to lose 15 kilos in order to get back to my normal self. It seemed literally impossible, and I even doubted ever feeling the same way about my body as I did before this second pregnancy. Having gained over 20 kilos during those nine months, I wasn´t enjoying the reflection in the mirror. (Which is ridiculous, because my body had just worked wonders by making a baby.  The most wonderful thing in the world! That is truly something to be proud of.)

  Now, three months later, I´m beginning to recognize that figure I see in the mirror. I feel more beautiful and  womanly again.

Yippee, the fat is melting off!

Now this is the stomach I recognize.

  "The fat you eat is the fat you wear" is what popped into my mind. Wasn´t it Dr. McDougall who said so in the nineties...? A way of eating I had come across with back then, and somehow felt suitable. I had to check it out, and I was right.
  Dr. John McDougall speaks for starches as the staple food in our diet. Daring, I might say, during these days of fat and protein ruling our tables. But, we are still getting heavier than ever, so are we doing something wrong by consuming all that protein and fat? I can only speak for myself, and say that the current trend of eating isn´t for me. When I tried to reduce carbohydrates, I didn´t get the sense of satisfaction from food as I normally would. Adding fat and protein to make up for the carbs only made me irritated and restless. No thanks.
  This Litha I´ve leaned more heavily towards McDougall´s recommendation, and I´ve lost weight nicely. I must stress that I definitely do not diet now that I´m breastfeeding! I eat as much as I want, but have cut down fat. As a result, I now have only three more kilos to shed, and I´m back to my pre-baby weight! Yippee!   =)

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