Friday, June 8, 2012


  It has been insanely busy here lately getting ready for my baby´s name giving celebration.
  Naturally I wanted to make our dresses myself, and naturally I wanted the dresses to be the same style.  Breastfeeding added a level of difficulty when designing the model. It needed to be one that I could easily feed my baby with, without having to take half of it off. This design has a flap over the chest, held up by straps that are attached with buttons. Works well!

In true Beltane fashion the main color is light green, accentuated by a touch of pink. The weather suddenly turned cold, to which I was not prepared. Luckily I found this lovely lace scarf in my stowed-away box of  Samhain clothes!

There wasn´t much pink in the accessories, so I added it in make up. Blush, lip gloss, and eyeshadow all are in different shades of pink, making the outfit complete.

And here is my baby´s equivalent. Very unpractical and very cute!  This outfit is definitely one of those I will cherish as a memory forever.

This kind of finishing of the edges I have never done before.. It´s exciting to do something totally new every now and then. Especially when/if they turn out to be a success like this.

I cannot make shoes, so I had to buy them. A little baby´s outfit just wouldn´t be complete without a pair of cute booties. These ones I found from H&M.

  There will be yet another occasion to wear these party dresses to; a friend of mine is having a big birthday celebration. For once I don´t have a problem of what to wear!

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