Monday, June 4, 2012


  This year I have surfed through Beltane with only one outfit. At home I wear more casual clothes, but this one I go visit people and places with. Just as I would at work.

  Each of my outfits starts as a sketch.

I always draw my designs on this simplified picture of a Bratz doll. That simply makes it look better than drawing the pieces of clothing only. This outfit I call "Sleeping Beauty". I like to exaggerate the features in my sketches to really point out the central themes in the look.

Clearly I wanted the climbing creeper to be less obvious than in my sketch. Otherwise the whole outfit would have turned into a costume.

The shirt is a bat-sleeved model. It is a staple pattern I use, and I always combine it with wide-legged pants. The shirt fabric has printed pattern on it, so I didn´t need to add separate roses to it, as is shown in the sketch.

The creeper is sold by the meter in craft stores, and is easily applied on by simply sewing.

Real world always fails to look as good as the fake Bratz model. But one does her best anyway, inspired by a make-believe-world.

Make up is applied as designed and shown in the sketch. A good way to wrap up the whole look is to adjust the colors of the make up to suit the clothes.

  Whenever I wear this outfit I feel so self confident, that I can actually forget about my appearance. I just go with the flow and enjoy the compliments and respectful behavior I meet on my way. The same goes for all of the looks conjure.

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