Tuesday, June 26, 2012


  It amazes me what we can do with our ordinary, everyday snapshot cameras these days. Having had a camera since the late eighties, as a child, I can but love the ease today´s cameras offer us.

  On a walk the other day I happened to bump into various insects. Perhaps they are always around, but now I just had my eyes open. And my snapshot with me.

This fellow greeted me on our garage wall.

No further than in my garden I caught him.

Bumble bees are easy to spot, but so lively that they are hard to focus on!

The common house fly doesn´t bother me as long as it stays outside the house...

Beetles are all just "beetles" to me, despite their scientific names and differences...  =)

  If these guys were big as birds, I´d hate and find them disgusting. But being small and not so easy to spot in nature, I´m glad there is still a place for all of us creatures on earth.
  I try to notice and enjoy every little happy thing in life I come across with. Small details add up to a big, happy life!

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