Monday, July 9, 2012


  Toes are often neglected when it comes to beautifying oneself. It is fun to prep them up to date with nailpolish to match with the rest of your beautiful self.

  Here are my nails in Litha spirit, soaking in the sea and enjoying the summer:

Remaining true to my style, I do the dots only. I get the look but with less toxins. Red, white, and blue is the essential  color combination of my Litha.

On a hot summer day, what could be better than cooling down by the sea?

This is about as much as I´ve dared to "swim" yet this summer.  =)  The water is still below 20 Celsius.

Homo sapiens was here...

What a wonderful time of the year! Remembering all this is what gets me through the dark times of winter.

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