Wednesday, December 3, 2014


  My love for classic looks extends all the way to school uniforms. They are a universal phenomenon, but not used in my country, which is probably why I am intrigued by them.

  But this latest outfit of mine is also strongly inspired by the Japanese horror movie Ringu. Mixing innocence with terror is effective.

There is more innocence than terror in my look, but after all this is a business outfit...

A blouse and mini skirt is the classic schoolgirl look. To make it wearable and practical for everyday use, I made the "blouse" of ordinary cotton jersey and slipped a pair of pants under the mini skirt. Colors black and white were essential in my head for this look for some reason, but I could not find a proper checkered fabric for the skirt in b&w, so I had to go with this one. It´s more modern and actually keeps the outfit from being too costume-ish.

My undone hair brings a bit of horror here...

The skirt is sewn right onto the hem of the shirt. So when I move and turn, it stays in place and does not twist around me nastily.
Well, at least it made my hair stand up!

  If you think this is blah, go ahead and watch Ringu here!

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