Thursday, December 4, 2014


  Deep purple is a color of high spirituality and wisdom. I´m not sure I possess either quality, but I wanted the color in my Samhain collection. Even if only to pretend my capabilities are greater than in reality... =)

  Gothic style is undoubtedly beautiful and magnificent. Needless to say, it suits Samhain perfectly, and I wanted a piece of it in my collection too. But boy, what a challenging task to tone it down to fit everyday life while still preserving it´s spirit.

A basic dress with modern print on it. The dress itself is not festive, and it makes the whole just right to be worn at work. All the accessories are old, excessive, and I like them a lot. So I knew the dress would have to be more on the plain side to avoid a party look.

A bow on the head adds a touch of femininity and opulence, which is needed in goth.

The pattern I used to make this dress is the same one I used for my funeral- and Romania dresses. It´s a rare pleasure to find a good new pattern!
Strong makeup is a must. Samhain is such a dark time of year, in every aspect, that dark makeup is allowed, fine, and a nice change to the usual natural look. Here I applied shimmering medium grey eyeshadow all over the eyes, upper and lower lids and across the crease and fading towards eyebrows. Then to further deepen and "open up" them I applied shimmering dark purple to the outer third of the moving lid and out towards the brow bone, blending well. Blush is actually just a bronzer, didn´t want cheerful cheeks, merely sculpted ones. On the lips purple of course. 
  Overall an important marriage of the garment and accessories. Alone neither would meet the desired result, but together create a gratifying whole.

P.S.  This outfit actually replaces the goth from last year. The shirt proved to be too sweaty in the long run, and since I had enough pant-based outfits in this collection, I decided to switch to a dress. Thank goodness for evolution! =)

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