Sunday, December 7, 2014


  Here´s my complete artistic Samhain fashion collection, all five outfits:

The French Artist.

The 1800´s.

Besides Halloween, these spider & pearl aromatherapy earrings suit this outfit perfectly.

The Goth. Apparently lying flat on the floor does not do justice on the dress...

These fancy crosses are also aromatherapy earrings.
The Hobo.

Pentacle aromatherapy earrings.

Schoolgirl meets Ringu.

A pair of very classic bow earrings, found in numerous colors in my little shop Nelland Boutique.

  This collection of five outfits serves me throughout Samhain, each year from about mid-October until early December. It´s a bliss to pull out a new wardrobe each time a season changes!

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