Sunday, November 30, 2014


  My friends and I had a little get together recently. Our gatherings take place only once a year with this group because we all live in different parts of the country. So when we do meet it´s all about girly fun! This time we tried out pole dancing.

Only one of us had tried pole dancing before, and that was only once, so we were all new to the sport.
We did easy beginner´s moves of course, but still it felt awesome to let my whole weight hang on only one of my arms while swirling down around the pole. You know, doing something completely new with my body, something I´m not familiar with. Cool!

By the end of the class we all got a slight hang of it and were able to rely on our strength and body more. That was awesome, and I felt like a hyped up little kid learning her physical limits!

Some of the positions were really tough to do. Like this one I couldn´t master at all!
  My muscles were sore for days and days after this one hour session. It hit the muscles I never use in my everyday life. Clearly pole dancing would benefit my physique balancing out the usage of muscles. But it also made my skin wear out and bruised my legs. But it was so much fun!!! If given the chance, I´d definitely do it again!

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