Tuesday, November 4, 2014


  Victoria Boutenko´s new book "The Green Smoothie Prescription" finally arrived at my house! I have eagerly been waiting for it to come for some time, because I´m eating green smoothies/puddings for breakfast through Samhain, and having wise recipes makes it more sensible.

  This morning I made the first smoothie by one of her recipes:

Victoria´s approach to green smoothies is different from what I´ve used to hearing. She recommends making a huge bunch in the morning and then consume it all throughout the day. All of this went into my smoothie along with 2 cups of water.

The pitcher became full, and I poured a glass (2 cups) for me, half a cup for my daughter, and the rest into a big glass jar to await consuming.

Needless to say, it was good!
The recipe for "Natural and Easy Weight Loss":

2 cups parsley (parsley is sold in pathetic little pots here, which cost quite a much, and produce more plastic waste than I would like. So I used only one pot of parsley, and replaced the rest with baby spinach.)
1 cucumber, with peel
3 pears
juice of 1 grapefruit
2 cups water

+ Blend all until smooth.

  With each meal I drank 2 cups of the smoothie, and for supper there is now only about 1 cup left. It is somewhat filling, so I didn´t eat as much "real" food as usually. My stomach has not complained, so I will go ahead and make another smoothie tomorrow, using a new recipe.

  Blending breaks down the particles into very small pieces, which helps digestion and enables more nutrients to be absorbed in the body.
  Super-guru of raw food, David Wolfe, says in his book "Sunfood Diet Success System" that one day he wishes to be a liquedarian 100% of the time. He swears by the easiness of blending and juicing. Well I only have one day experience behind me, but it felt like I only "cooked" once today. It was so easy just to grab the jar of smoothie out of the fridge and pour a glass full. Then simply have something chopped with it, like slices of zucchini with mustard and cheese today. Or a bowl of yogurt. I´m impressed and excited! Can´t wait for tomorrow!  =)

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