Wednesday, October 1, 2014


  My awesome, brave, smart, cute, and dear firstborn turned ten last week. Kids these days have everything imaginable, so it is difficult to come up with an idea for a gift. He wished for money, and that´s what he got from everyone invited to his birthday party. Thanks folks! He´s saving for a super-unicycle he´s planning on buying in the future (he learned to ride one this summer all on his own!).

  But I wanted to give him something  more personal. Something that shows how much I love him. Something he knows I´ve put time and effort in. Self-made clothes of course. He´s big enough to appreciate it.
  My ten-year-old boy prefers jeans over any other pants, so I decided to make him a couple of shirts to go with them. The kind you can´t find in stores. Like this:
Two different looks, one pattern.

Unfortunately only subtle (and boring  =) colors are accepted in bigger boys´ and men´s clothing, so I went for this grey striped knit. But there is a trick to it, the wrinkles. The more the better. So no pressure to fold this baby neatly into the wardrobe!
I have found that using the good old zigzag, instead of a twin-needle, is more durable with super-stretchy fabrics.

Somewhat plaid camel-brown shirt is a nice alternative to grey. This fabric drew my attention right away in the fabric store, it has such an interesting structure. Yet the material is adorably soft to touch. 

For a while I hesitated buying it for my son... would it be too feminine after all? But when I added these wide sleeve edges, made of  reverse side of the fabric, and trimmed the neck edge with it, the whole turned into a boys´ garment right away. No question about it.

  Happy birthday my love!

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