Sunday, June 15, 2014


  Both of my kids have too few summer clothes to wear (shame on me). I´m desperately trying to find the time to fill in the gap, and I can but wonder why sewing has to be sooooo time consuming...!

  Here is my two-year-old´s newest garment:

Still dodging pink, I chose this minty green-and-white-striped fabric. It is a little sporty even, and to steer the feeling of a tennis court away, I chose a model with a ruffled hem.  

This dress was a good ground to add these padded butterflies I got some time ago. (Yes, the same kind as in my own Lilac butterflies- outfit.) They are so girly and cute, who needs pink anymore?  =)

No gimmicks in the back, letting the butterflies on the sleeves be the focus.
A narrow cotton lace circles the very edge of the hem, again, to reduce sportiness. After all, this dress is for everyday wear, not sports events.
  It has been cool here lately. But now I feel like warm days should find our way, so I can adore my girl in her new dress!

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