Sunday, June 8, 2014


  All five of my Beltane outfits are now pretty much completed. Here´s the whole collection at a glance:

"Outfit for a rainy day". The tunic is from last year, the pants... beige ones at least six years ago, and the green ones probably four. I found the green pair when digging through my closet, and added them here to give variety. The beginning of Beltane is still barren in nature, when the leaves and grasses have not yet begun to grow. That´s when the beige pair is more suitable. And once green spreads and takes over nature during the season, I can also switch to the green pants. =)
Green leafy aromatherapy earrings are perfect for this look!

"Lilac butterflies".
Lilac butterflies in aromatherapy earrings too.  =)
"Apple blossom- dress".

Drop-shaped silvery aromatherapy earrings.

"Teenage faery".

Bow and pearl, the very first type of aromatherapy earrings I created. Probably my most favorite still.

"Sleeping beauty" was the very first outfit in my Beltane collection. I made it two years ago, and have lost weight since. The pants became too large, so I gave them away. I did not have the time to make new ones this year, so the pants remain a project for next year. Sewing is time consuming...
"Pink rosy" aromatherapy earrings hit the nail to the head in this look!
  I feel like I´m quite well set for various occasions with this collection.
 Goodbye to not knowing what to wear!  =)


  1. Nice quote to have... "goodbye to not knowing what to wear" I couldn't agree more with all the whole collection you shared here. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Thank you, I´m glad to hear! More whole collections are on the way as the year passes.