Tuesday, June 24, 2014


  This is what I vacuumed inside me all through summer solstice party last weekend (well, perhaps slightly exaggerating... not all through  =).

Bombay Sapphire gin has been on my shopping list since last October, and only now I went and bought it. I have been planning for a recipe ever since. A tour on Google taught me that anything possible can be mixed with gin, so I explored my taste buds and came up with a recipe of my own.
Cucumber and mint give gin a refreshing kick.
The recipe (for one):

1 fl.oz. (1/3 dl) Bombay Sapphire gin
1/2 drop of essential mint oil
3-4 slices cucumber, slightly crushed to give more flavor
grapefruit soda pop
(crushed ice or ice cubes if desired)

+ Combine the first three ingredients, then fill up the glass with soda. (You can add ice cubes if you like, I find it only diluting great tastes.)

  This drink is sweet enough for my taste, and so easy to drink that I have to be careful with the quantities... =)

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