Tuesday, July 24, 2012


  My thumb is usually anything but green, but strawberries have surprised me by growing strong year after year in my garden. This year they are giving, once again, generously delicious berries for us to eat.

This is one of the things I dream about during the cold and dark months of winter.

I´ve been having strawberries for breakfast for over two weeks now.

  Breakfast recipe:

bowl of strawberries
little vanilla sugar (optional)

+ Chop up the cashews and sprinkle over the strawberries. Top with a couple of pinches of vanilla sugar.
  Simple, tasty, and filling.

Dessert recipe:

bowl of strawberries
whipped cream (preferably vegan)
vanilla sugar

+ Quarter the strawberries and fold in with whipped, sweetened, cream. Sprinkle vanilla sugar on top and garnish with one whole berry.
  Simple, tasty, and more healthy than most desserts...

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