Saturday, July 21, 2012


  It is difficult to find pretty and practical baby girl clothes from the stores! It is always either or.
  So what am I to do but make some myself...

I used leftover pieces of jersey fabric I had lying around. Why should girls only wear pink to look like girls? When they wear  dresses, they definitely look girlish, while the variety of looks is much wider.

Snap fasteners are a must, even with home-made garments.

I made the neckhole big enough to slip on without snap fasteners on the shoulder. The easier the better.

These are plain old body shirts with only the hem added to them. A very easy way to make a dress, or turn a regular shirt into a dress.

This is what makes this so practical: when lifting up your baby, the hem will not gather in her armpits!  I love it. With this same trick and pattern you can create numerous different looks. Simply clever.

  The recipe:

a baby body shirt
some matching stretchy fabric

+ To make the hem you need to measure the circumference of the shirt at belly height. Double that measure and you have the width. Roughly measure the length you want (I did 23cm for my four-month-old) and add 3cm for seam allowances. Cut out the piece, sew the short ends together in the back, and turn in the lower edge of hem.
  Gather the top end of hem to match the body shirt and sew on place. I simply eyeballed the right place. It´ll look good even if the placement is at something around there. With kids´ clothes it is harder to get it wrong.

  There you have it! A cute, modern, and easy-to-wear everyday dress.

P.S. If you want to make the whole body shirt yourself, here is an example of a pattern.

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