Friday, September 19, 2014


  Cute is the code for Tuesdays in my two-year-old daughter´s wardrobe. I made a rough plan for each day of the week, and what the days are all about. So Tuesday is a day to be cute. And now in the fall time it goes like this:

Country style-ish. For some reason I have been fascinated by it lately. Why not sooner?! This vest dress is a classic and cute little girls´ garment. The ruffle in the hem adds to the cuteness furthermore, so a solid colored fabric was enough for this look. The shirt, with it´s cropped sleeves, keeps my girl warm enough for fall weather. The sleeves are about 2/3 length, just right for dodging the soup bowl or being soaked when washing hands.

The fabric is a leftover piece from my summer pants, and I "faked" it to look like denim. In reality, it is men´s collar shirt fabric.

Using orange stitches was the key to "faking" it, to make it look more denim like. I felt like the stitches needed a buddy in the same color, and the dress a focal point, so I added some matching buttons. Had this outfit gone for an older girl, I would have omitted the buttons and added a nice necklace. But you can only expect so much from a two-year-old.  =)

Hem edge got a nice row of detail. The white lace brightens it up well.

The shirt fabric is so well draping, that it makes the garment look a bit sad in this picture. But in reality, when being worn that is, it is really comfortable and soft. The fabric is nice and warm, so it enabled the 2/3 length sleeves for these cooling Mabon days.

This is a ridiculously easy pattern to make! I love it. =)

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