Thursday, September 4, 2014


  A little provocative title, but I do mean nude. In a beige kind of way. Nude beige in fashion and clothing.  I´m not hippie enough to run around butt-naked!  =)

The nude hippie wants summer to go on forever. She is sunkissed and wears muted beige to complement the overall plain color palette on her. Only little and natural makeup, and earth-toned jewelry. Light blue pants give a spark of color to the look, preventing it from appearing dull. I chose lightweight fabrics with synthetic fiber in them, so they would breath better and keep from creasing during hot weather.

Pigtails bring a touch of everlasting Indian summer. The bracelet I got as a gift years ago.

Seems unreal, but I bought this necklace 21 years ago in my teens! Here you can see the shirt in detail.
Now is the time to chill, relax, and enjoy summer in it´s still state, when all the work is done. A calmness fills my mind in Lammas.
  Beauty can be achieved by doing very little. This nude hippie is definitely not trying too hard, and still oozes self confidence and style.

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