Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  As far back as I can remember, my father has used Nivea lotion as aftershave. In the blue round container. The scent of the lotion brings back memories from my childhood. That scent has always been a part of my life.
  I don´t use the lotion myself, but Nivea has inspired me to make a relaxed outfit for Sunday chillouts. You know, the days when one doesn´t have to do anything special, can wander around only half-awake, with no need to look creative or unique.  That´s when my Nivea-look comes in handy.

Inspiration came from Nivea´s commercials of course, but once again, I went through the images in my mind, not in the advertisement itself. Dark blue is the most important part. I combined it with a basic light grey, which suits even my no-makeup face. No jewellery is needed, here a fresh and healthy face plays the biggest role.
A happy face is always beautiful!

Makeup is not necessary, but in some cases is in order.  Naturally natural, with only a touch of matte white and brown eyeshadow in the eyes, and a little pink on cheeks and lips. No foundation, only some finishing powder on the skin is enough.

  This outfit is perfect for all occasions when I want to blend in, and not make a statement with my appearance, like when going to the doctor´s. I even went to a beauty-, health-, and fashion expo wearing my Nivea look the other Sunday. Another plus is that this isn´t connected to any sabbat, and can be worn year round. The most basic of the basic.

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