Wednesday, August 15, 2012


  I have done it! All the weight I gained during my second pregnancy is gone. All of the 20+ kilos. I can hardly believe it myself.

I´m so happy to be back at my normal weight range!

  It took less than five months. I gave myself time until the end of this year, but I´m at the finishing point already. Yippee!
  It feels like the weight just melted off on it´s own, since I have done no exercising and have eaten as much as I wanted. I have followed the all-I-can-eat diet plans I put together, which I have also shared in my earlier posts. I am active in my everyday life, and I believe that counts as "exercise" in practice.
  In addition to staring at the kilos on the scale, I also like to keep in mind the BMI chart. Making sure that my weight stays in the healthy zone. I like to keep the index around 20. Too skinny is not good or healthy either.

  A toast for me is in order, I will now go and make a nice cup of green tea.   =)

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