Wednesday, August 1, 2012


  Holiday season is at it´s hottest right now. We, as a family, have spent a lot of time in our summer cabin by the sea. Whenever I´m there, surrounded by the big blue water, I only feel comfortable wearing something blue. I want to match with the nature around me, go with the natural flow.

  This is what I made for this holiday season for my trips to the archipelago region.

For fabric I used an old bedsheet, which had different prints on either side. Mixing them gave a more interesting look. A head scarf is essential in the winds of the sea, especially when boating, and it protects from the sun as well. This  dress can not be worn without something underneath it, so revealing it is in the front... But that makes it perfectly adjustable to any weather! The hotter it is, the smaller the under garment. Here I have a tank top with a wrestler´s back.

No makeup is my holiday style. Leaves me more time to sauna and swim!

  This dress was originally an apron called "Mangotango" from the book A Is For Apron . I adjusted the back of the skirt to reach around my waist, and added little length to the hemline. I find it easier to wear as a dress rather than an apron.

  Although in "the real world" we are living through the sabbat Lammas, and I want to wear powdery colors, at sea in our cabin only water-like colors go. I would feel uncomfortable slipping into something peachy for instance. Funny, but with these little details like this I can make my life a better place. I love beauty and all things pretty in life, and I want to contribute to that myself the best I can.

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