Thursday, August 16, 2012


  Shame on me! For over ten years I have lived next to a farmer who grows organic produce (only plants, no smelling animals luckily!), and until now I have never bought anything from him. I always thought he would only sell huge bunches to big supermarkets or restaurants. But I was wrong.

  Yesterday I went and bought my first batch of his lovely organic veggies. Earlier we talked and agreed on a deal that I would give him twenty bucks, and he put together a suitable bunch of produce worth the money.

Potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, and yellow onions are in season. (There were a lot more potatoes, but there´s no sense in stuffing them all in the picture.)

Lovely, smooth potatoes with the thinnest peel.

It is funny how you appreciate your food more when you know where it comes from. And I´m totally happy that all of my money went straight to the farmer, not into the pockets of faceless supermarkets (which do stand their place in stuff we can´t grow or produce locally).


  Now all I need to do is conjure up different dishes of these lovely veggies. It makes cooking somewhat more simple too; now I don´t have to figure out what to buy, only to use the ingredients I have.
  Today it is time for a cabbage pie. I have a bag of tomatoes, which I got from a friend in our village (who is also a farmer, but not an organic one,) waiting in the fridge. I will combine those two into a healthy pie.
   I just love this time of year with it´s abundance of fresh produce!

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