Friday, January 4, 2013


  This look comes from the back of my mind, where I have a vision of an old-times little peasant cottage in winter. I imagine people wearing wool knits with pretty wintery patterns, in earthy colors. In poor, but happy and appreciative lives. They have everything they need, but nothing in excess (something I, too, admire and aim for).

Mde of knit fabric, this tunic is both comfortable and  warm. I have tuned the pattern myself by combining a normal t-shirt and a mini skirt. So far it is the only tunic shape that flatters my body. Jewelry  is made of bronze.

 I don´t wear pantyhose no matter how cold it is, and therefore made these pants from fleece to keep me warm. Braiding is a traditional way to wear hair, and two braids like these give a youthful appearance.

Makeup is also in earthy, natural, almost nude tones. Brows are of course brushed and filled in with a little color to make look even, accentuating the natural arch. On the eyes I added matte off-white on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and then matte medium brown on the remaining 1/3 of the outer lid, carefully fading out. Cheeks got a slight dusting of basic red, hinting that I spend a lot of time outdoors, you know, feeding the animals and shoveling snow and chopping firewood (even though I don´t in real life =). On the lips I added a coat of clear, but shimmering and a little glittering, lipstick over lip balm.

  This look is very modest, and it looks like I just naturally look this good (ha, what a sham!).


  1. Great idea and the fabric is just perfect for winter/yule time.

  2. Thank you! I´m sure this tunic will make me happy year after year, when I dig it up after Samhain. Classics are timeless. Just like us women! =)

  3. You just made my day! Thank you.

  4. I found you on the sewing district site. This is a very lovely tunic. Nice job!

  5. Cool, thanks! You are welcome to pop in anytime! Do you sew yourself?