Sunday, February 1, 2015


  My artistic, sabbat based, fashion collection is my way to let loose my creativity in one way. The clothes are unique and quite bold for the everyday work wear. I love every single outfit, forty all together, and I feel great wearing them. But they all require certain levels of energy to carry. They stand out from the crowd, and draw attention. Mostly that´s all nice and fun, but sometimes it feels comfortable to blend more in.

  For those occasions, I now begin to build a whole new mini-collection, which is also based on the wheel-of-the-year and it´s sabbats, but with only two outfits per season.
  I call it Nelland Faery.
  The idea is to wear more ordinary, but cool and neat, clothes that will go for any occasion. The key words to describe this new garderobe could be: fresh, girly, fun, and ethereal.
  For years I´ve dreamed of slipping in one faery-like outfit to every sabbat´s collection, but failed to do so because of my such strong visions of the looks each sabbat represents. So here´s my chance to express this more feminine and frail side of me, in form of faery-like everyday clothes.

  Here is the first ever outfit from my new Nelland Faery- collection:

An ordinary-shaped t-shirt with pants (not jeans). No gimmicks, nothing extraordinary, but neat enough to go anywhere in. The base is then accessorized rather heavily, with mostly matching-colored, jewelry to give it "faery dust". I just love using these terms here! How about that, an outfit sprinkled with faery dust?! Cool, girly, and fun.
Making a slight statement by writing "imbolc" at the chest... Pagan fashion is really hard to find anywhere, and often my searches lead to black cloaks and witches´ hats. Nobody wears that for real! Luckily I´ve learned to make my own clothes to express my own personal beliefs and style.

Makeup is very light and natural. Apart from my artistic collection, in Faery fashion makeup does not repeat the colors of the clothes. Here I wear natural shades to enhance me, not the clothes. Both styles are great, but I want to create a difference between the two collections, and it is fun to do this too. So here I wear grey eyeshadow, warm pink blush, and pink lip gloss. Also I left the eyebrows undefined, to achieve a lighter and more fresh look.
   Although I find this outfit and style rather young, I wish to have the guts to wear it in my fifties, sixties, and beyond (okay, perhaps this particular shirt may have worn out by then, but a new, similar one that is). I see no reason why an older woman could not wear this now. Heck, if I saw a senior citizen in this outfit now, I´d find her more stylish than myself in it! Age is no reason to let go of pretty! We are all gorgeous in our own way, and have stunning features we ought to accentuate and be proud of!

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