Monday, February 23, 2015


  Two weeks ago the mail brought me the "Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook", a book I ordered earlier. I had been waiting for it so much, and now after two weeks, my enthusiasm has even risen, if possible. Why could I not have had this years ago, when I bought my first ever macrobiotic book?! This rocks in it´s simplicity and hands-on take on cooking. No bla-bla-blas, only useful info and practical guidance.

The book.

The student.
The lunch (whole wheat spaghetti with boiled cabbage and toasted sesame seeds, plus a small raw salad with soy sauce).
  Macrobiotics know nothing about decadent, sweet and fatty, desserts. The practice emphasizes whole grains, accompanied by vegetables and fermented condiments like miso and sauerkraut.
  For a dessert-lover like me, who has always had a major sweet tooth, learning to eat the macrobiotic way is a real challenge. But these weeks have been so interesting and experimental, that it has felt like an exciting journey!
  Be it placebo or not, but it feels like my sugar cravings have given in a little. I´m definitely continuing on this path of wonders!
  Today I begun the "spring cooking" section of the book. It is still stiff winter when looking out of the window here, but days have grown so much lighter, that I can´t help feeling spring every day! While it will still be a great number of weeks until I´m able to collect dandelion leaves for boiled salad recipes in the book, I use what ever happens to be available, and as local as possible, at the grocery store.

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