Monday, February 22, 2016


  Today I enjoyed life by hiking in the nearby forest. All alone, just me, in peace. So therapeutic, luxurious even.

All quiet. It is like the calm before storm, stillness before summer´s rush.
I feel so small in a forest. But it feels safe, knowing I´m part of a bigger whole, our planet.

This is the sun we got today. Getting d-vitamin from this is a joke. =)
Remnants from last summer, blueberries still hanging from the shrubs.

This little fellow was the only animal I saw on my trip. On a cloudy day like this, even birds don´t care to chirp.
    It is important to stroll in nature to feel the connection between us. It helps to tune in with what´s really going on in the world. Man-made reality, with it´s worries of money and relationships, lies within the reality of our planet. It is essential to keep the planet alive, so we can stay alive.

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