Friday, July 19, 2013


  My husband thinks my store-bought swimsuit is grandma-like and makes me look horrible... Well at least he´s being frank and honest!
  Regular swimsuits make me look out of proportion and fat even. What is a girl to do but try and make one herself? Here is my first attempt:

I adore swimsuits with a little hem attached to them! So naturally I wanted to try it here too. It is unbelievable how versatile the pattern I used to make this swimsuit with is! It is the same "old" tunic pattern I have used to make for example the Cottage Look or the Bunny.

There is a hidden secret to this; it doesn´t include anything to go to the bottom. In order to save time, not to mention effort, I just grabbed my old bikini bottom and wear it underneath the swimsuit. It doesn´t show unless I bend down really low or sit cross-legged. And besides, the bikini bottom is also blue, so probably nobody would notice anything.

This reminds me of the ancient swimsuits they wore back in the 1930´s. But of course mine is made of modern fast-drying fabric instead of cotton.

Fun and play is what this garment is ideal for!

I like to cover myself up from too much sun exposure. I don´t burn so easily, but it has happened, so I try to avoid ever having to feel that again.

  Somehow it feels actually easier to dip into the water with a one-piece swimsuit on, instead of a two-piece. But in any case, enjoying the summer is the key, whether in or out of water!

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