Tuesday, February 2, 2016


  This tunic came out of vanity, I admit. I saw the gorgeous mint green fabric in the store and just had to buy it. No excuses.
  It is inspired by the rare glimpse of naturally occurring mint-colored ice in nature around Imbolc. So beautiful...

  And here´s what I did with it:

I shortened my new favorite dress pattern, so it barely covers my butt, to turn it into a tunic. So this is a prototype, but it worked well at first shot. Yes! I´ve developed a liking to striped pants and leggings lately. They kind of give a more casual taste to outfits, just like jeans do. I like to think of this outfit as ageless. Meaning I could imagine women of all ages to wear something like this with style and grace, celebrating theirselves. 20´s, 40´s and even 70´s (if posture is still relatively normal). Don´t you?

Here again, I accentuate the color of the garment with matching eyeshadow. Light mint green on the inner lid and dark grey on the outer. I even happened to have minty aromatherapy bow earrings to match. Now this might be too much of the same color, if I did this all the time. But playing like this every now and then is perfectly fine, not to mention fun!
  You see, I just had to buy the fabric!  =)

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