Thursday, May 7, 2015


  A white t-shirt is as basic as a shirt can get, and a staple in any garderobe. Here´s my version of it, the long-sleeved way.

Worn casually with a pair of jeans, this look is a classic. What it does best is showcase the bearer´s own characteristics, by being so plain itself. I go with a super natural look with minimal makeup and accessories.
Couldn´t help adding a small twist to it... =)

The right side seam is longer than the left, and is then pulled together with a strip of elastic band, stretching the band while sewing.
The wrinkling effect goes around the waistline giving detail to the back too.

To maximize the glowing light effect of the bright white fabric, I wear minimal makeup with this shirt. Only off-white matte eyeshadow on the inner corner of the moving eyelids, a little mascara, and clear lipgloss.

Here´s the reason why I never wear bright white at home...  =)
  A classic white t-shirt, especially when fitted rather tightly, is an eternal fountain of youth. It simply looks fresh and energetic, and makes a timeless pretty staple. Me like!

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